Putting the science in Social Sciences

Mapping across psychology, economics, religion, ethics, politics, but also art, history….

Economics: From Marxism to Markets

  • What did Adam Smith say?
  • "Helicopter drops of money" Keynes or Friedman?
  • Serfdom
  • What's the right rate of tax?
  • Should poor people be able to stop rich people leaving the country?


  • What is school for?
  • What is university for?
    • Who should go, who should pay?
  • What should we teach in school?
  • Should private schools be banned, or should they ALL be private (or is the status-quo OK)?
  • Why should governments do research?
  • Should governments develop commercial properties, like drugs?

Ethics: From Singer to …

  • "Giving: how much is enough?"
  • Should you be your brother's keeper?


  • Blank Slate?
  • Universal human nature?
  • A good life?
  • Differences because people are different?


  • Why is democracy needed?
  • Does the choice of politics matter?


  • What's left if you take the god our of religion? Nothing, or most everything?
  • Can a society be moral if it is Godless? How?


  • Post modernism to evolutionary psychology
  • Fashion models and bodies
  • Does SES matter?
  • Social mobility: What allows it?
  • Meritocracy or Cleptocracy?


  • What is art?
  • What is it for?

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